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VMware workstation – Software that allows to read and use VMware special imagine files, that is made with Windows and software inside. If you don’t have special skills to install diagnostic software or you use Windows 10 and you don’t want to re-install other windows system, then this is best solution for you! For example you bought VAS5054A + VMware ODIS packet, you just simply follow our guide and after 5min you will be able to use ODIS system fully.


1. Install VMware workstation

2. Start software

3. Select Open Virtual Machine

4. Choose VMware packet that you want to install, for example we will use ODIS 4.4.10/9.04

5. Click start up

6. Choose “I Copied it” system will be ready with all drivers automatic

7. Completed! You can fully use VMware software packet

FAQ Questions & Answers

Q: Why WMware is useful for you?
A: If you use our VMware ready image packet, you will be able to use software instantly, without installation and on any Windows system.

Q: On Which Windows operating systems i can install VMware?
A: Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10

Q: If i buy VMware ready image, how do you store the images?
A: VMware image packets are stored in USB flash memory

Q: If i would like to buy special made VMware packet for me? How can i do it? How much would it cost?
A: Contact us at, we can make special images by request as well

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