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Yanhua ACDP-2 Master with Module 10 Porsche BCM Key Programming Porsche 2010-2018 Add Key/All Key Lost/Key Reset/Key Refresh


Yanhua ACDP-2 Master with Module 10 Porsche BCM Key Programming Porsche 2010-2018 Add Key/All Key Lost/Key Reset/Key Refresh.

Package Contents:

1 x ACDP 2 Programmer Master
1 x OBP+ICP adapter
1 x Puncture socket
1 x P8P ribbon cable
1 x 8P cable
1 x 20P cable
1 x 12V power adapter
1 x BAV Key Adapter
3 x paint surface cleaning needles (1.0mm,0.8mm,0.5mm)
3 x Porsche BCM Module Copper pillar package(M4*12+6mm)2PCS (M4*6+6)1PC
1 x Porsche Key refresh Interface board
1 x Porsche BCM Module Interface board

Warehouse: In stock
LT/LV/EE Delivery time: 1-2 working days
Europe Delivery time: 7-10 working days
International Delivery time: 10-14 working days
Express Delivery time: 1-3 working days

Multi-Language: English
Connection: OBD2 (Without soldering)
Module 10 Porsche
Operating systems: IOS / Android
System updates: Available
Internet connections: Available
12 months
Yanhua Tech


  • No need to remove chip
  • No need soldering
  • No need to cut the line
  • No need to lift the pin
  • Operating system: IOS, Android, PC
  • Supports Add Key and All Keys Lost
  • Supports new Porsche year 2010-2018

Supported Cars: 

  • Porsche Cayenne    2011 – 2018
  • Porsche Panamera    2010 – 2018
  • Porsche Macan    2014 – 2018
  • Porsche 911    2011 – 2018

Why you choose ACDP 2 Master?

  1. Overturn the traditional work mode: Single operation is changed to team cooperation.
  2. Change of operation mode: PC operation is changed to mobile phone operation
  3. Change of test connection mode: Electric soldering iron is changed to no-solder dedicated connecter.
  4. Change from artificial observation to intelligent monitoring: Artificial observation/trying is changed to automatic detection algorithm, graphical indication
  5. Change of service mode: Offline service is changed to online synchronous service.

ICP: Memory and MCU programming In Circuits

MCU programming in Circuits

Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 Porsche BCM Key Programming Module

  1. Set anti-theft data reading and writing, anti-theft data calculation, key programming in one.
  2. The interface board replaces the welding wire, the pin connect with intelligent detection, and the data reading and writing is safe and reliable.
  3. With the key refresh function, No longer afraid of loss caused by key be locked.

Supports Porsche BCM Mask 1L15Y 5M48H 1N35H and 2M25J Key Programming

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