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Tesla PRO diagnostic and programming device

Tsla PRO diagnostic and programming device working with Tesla S, X models. Tesla device is profesional level and allows to perform full diagnostic work, reads modules like: ESP, TPMS, BMW, TAS, EAS, THC, PARK2, SEC, SDM by Bosh, SDM, DH, BDY, Alerts and others. Beta versions of software can access only Patreon members. (when release new version, Beta come to stable and will be access all users)

Attention! Before ordering this tool, contact us to discuss all the details.

Package contains:

1 x Tsla PRO device
1 x Connector x437
1 x Connectorx437A
1 x USB cable A/B

Warehouse: Preorder
LV/EE Delivery time: 4-7 working days
Europe Delivery time: 4-7 working days
International Delivery time: 4-7 working days
Worldwide DHL/TNT Express Delivery time: 1-3 working days

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Multi-Language: English
Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 10
System updates: Available
Internet connections: Available
Warranty: 12 months

Tsla PRO has very fast developing software and hardware with small box interface. Can help you solve many problems with the TESLA car “Model S, X and 3”.

TCAN PRO can work with ECU TESLA Model S,X,3
2020.11.16 – Beta Battery Energy data reading by can, factory mode (updated).
2020.11.05 – Global DTC decoding codes update.
2020.10.26 – some Lan functions added.(wakeup,pintodrive,park dtc base)
2020.10.23 – CID commands Service and Factory Redeploy,
2020.10.22 – realtime by can level measure of TAS (EAS) Beta.(add some DTC base)
2020.09.25 – BMS contactor replacement procedure reset u019
2020.09.24 – m3 sdm read, erase dtc by can.
2020.09.21 last update.(Diag,Develop,FMODE by IC,Valet by LAN)
2019.05.23 NEW SDM by BOSH Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
ALERTS – Alerts on CAN bus (read alerts codes updated BMS 2018.09.14 BETA STAGE !)
BDY – Body controller on CAN bus
DH – Door Handles – Learn Front Driver Side – CAN BDY -125 kbps (BETA Stage – added 15.07.2019)
SDM – Supplemental Deployment Module S model (read,clear fault codes,clear CRASH log by Boot mode pin.)
SDM by BOSH Module X and 3 model (read,clear fault codes and R/W EEPROM clear CRASH log.)
SEC – Security controller (Add Keyfob Key)
PARK2 – Parktronic sensors (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes) supported until 06.2016
THC – Thermal controller (Airpurge function)
EAS – Electronic Airsuspension System (read,decode,erase fault codes, exit service mode ) supported until 06.2016
TAS – Tesla Airsuspension System (erase fault codes,clear Crash event, exit service mode ) after 06.2016
BMS – Battery control Module (reset alert warnings w163,w026,w152,w153,w023,read softpack)
TPMS – Tyre Pressure (read sensor ID stored in memory it usefull if you need to make new non tesla sensor)
ESP – Electronic stability system (read and decode fault codes,erase stored fault codes)
What is TCAN ?
TCAN PRO is solution/diagnostic tool for Tesla car only
consists of hardware and software
1. Car Programmer – plastic blue box with info label on top, inside is PCB (Printed Circuit Boards with semiconductors and SIM card). The device does not contain batteries
2. 2 Data cables (type: x437 and x437A) – these 2 cables are used to connect the car to the programmer
3. USB cable – this cable is using to connect the programmer to the PC or Laptop
The software you need to work with TCAN PRO programmer.
There is no other software.
The software is frequently updated, so it is recommended to check from time to time [ TCAN PRO – DOWNLOAD SECTION ] to see if new software is available.
N O T I CE !
The tool is only for professionals garages !
Tesla after 2017 year
requires a different connector that this kit does not have
This Tool is designed for absolutely qualified personnel ONLY ! For those who know Tesla car and CAN network well.

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