IVECO Eltrac EASY professional diagnostic and programming device


IVECO Eltrac E.A.SY. professional diagnostic and programming device. This device supports all IVECO brand trucks. E.A.SY (Electronic Advanced System) allows simple diagnosis of the various electronic control units on the vehicle, using a communications module (ECI). E.A.SY. software interface is designed to facilitate access to tools, view functions and make diagnostic procedures clear and adaptable to various needs. The software for the E.A.SY platform provides a single, intuitive interface, through which it is possible to consult a guide to repairs organized by symptom.

Package contains:

1 x IVECO Eltrac interface (99327038)
1 x OBD2 cable (99331057)
1 x 30PIN Round cable (99327017)
1 x USB cable (99327018)
1 x Eltrac Bluetooth adapter (Optional!)
1 x 19PIN cable (99368555, (Optional!))
1 x 38PIN cable (99331043, (Optional!))
1 x OBD2 EURO6 cable (99331070, (Optional!))

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Multi-Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Russian, Korean
Compatible Software: IVECO EASY 13.1
Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7
System updates: Available 
Internet connections: Available
Warranty: 12 months
Made in Italy



With this service tool you can:

  • Make active ECU diagnostic;
  • Make parameter programming;
  • Perform engine tests;
  • View wiring diagrams.

For advanced parameter programming you can use IVECO ALPHANUMERIC CODE CALCULATOR

Technical specifications:

Weight: 500 g
Dimension: 175x75x30 mm
Power supply: 6-32V
Connection interfaces: USB and RS232 standard, Bluetooth (optional)