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DPF Emulator For Liebherr Engines (Plug & Play)


Professional and Plug & Play solution to Remove DPF on Liebherr machines with D9xx A7 DPF engines like Loaders L550 to L586, Wheeled excavators, Crawler excavators, Crawler tractors and loaders.

Package Contents:

1 x DPF Emulator For Liebherr Engines (Plug & Play)

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Most important features:

  • Emulation of whole DPF System
  • Plug & Play solution (don’t need any wire cutting)
  • Fully water resistant
  • Produced from industrial components

Emulated Components of DPF system:

  • 3 x Exhaust Temperature Sensor
  • DPF Differential Pressure Sensor
  • NOx Sensor
  • HC dosing unit controller with Doser and pressure sensors.

Engines compatible:

  • D934 A7 DPF
  • D936 A7 DPF
  • D944 A7 DPF
  • D946 A7 DPF

Models compatible:


  • R924
  • R926
  • R936
  • R946
  • R950
  • R960
  • R966
  • R970
  • R976
  • R980
  • R966
  • A924


  • L550
  • L556
  • L566
  • L576
  • L580
  • L586


  • PR726
  • PR736
  • PR746
  • PR756
  • PR766
  • PR776


  • RL 46
  • RL 56
  • RL 66

Generally all Liebherr Machines with Liebherr listed engines are supported. If you are not sure, make a photo of engine label and contact us.


Do I need any special tools to install this device?

  1. It depend on Soot Load Level. Liebherr Engines have 5 levels of Soot Load. If machine have 0-4 Soot Load Level any special tools is not needed. If machine reaches Soot Load condition 5 access to Diagnostic Tester is needed.

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